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Foreigners wishing to travel to Algeria must obtain a visa in advance. This is issued by the consulate of the applicant’s place of residence.
The application for business visas, must be supported by a letter from the employer (letter of mission) or a letter of invitation from the partner in Algeria and a hotel reservation or certificate of assumption of responsibility by the inviting organization.


Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard and American Express credit cards are accepted at some hotel properties.


The Algerian Dinar (DA) is the official currency of Algeria. 1 EUR is worth around 147.008 Dinars. It is possible to change currencies in financial institutions; most foreign currencies can be changed at banks, exchange offices and at international ports and airports.


Travel documents: It is necessary to have a passport and a valid visa to travel to Algeria, except for some countries for nationals of which there is no visa required.

Effects and personal effects:
The traveler benefits at the moment of his entry into Algeria of the exemption of the rights and taxes for the effects and objects for personal use which he could need during his stay, to the exclusion of any merchandise imported for commercial purposes.

Currency import:
The traveler may import, without limitation, banknotes or other means of payment. However, he is required to declare in writing (on a printed copy of which a part is kept by the Customs Service) the banknotes, means of payment, gold, platinum or silver jewels carried on the Algerian territory.

Customs formalities completed, it is recommended to the traveler to make his first exchange operations at the bank counters installed in the airport or port enclosures. These transactions will be mentioned on the part of the declaration of foreign currency which it returns and that it could be brought to present at its exit of the territory, as well as the receipts of exchange.

Some hotels and businesses accept international credit card payments


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