Join us in revolutionizing the fight against corrosion – your expertise, your insights, and your presence are indispensable to our collective success. Together, we’ll make a lasting impact at the Corrosia 2024 Conference in Algeria!

All your contributions are welcomed.

1. Scope:

          The main theme of the Conference CORROSIA 2024  will be articulated along three axes but not limited to:

  1. the Pre-treatment
  2. the Application of Coatings
  3. the Control

2. Requirements

1) Your article can be delivered either as an abstract or in full text;

2) You may submit your article in French or English, which will not be returned, please leave your own draft;

3) The content of article shall not be delivered or published by other publications;

4) The article shall be scientific and practical. The data and conclusion shall be dependable. The moral rules for publication shall be followed. No national secret shall be involved (for contribution from organization engaged in national defense, aerospace or military affairs, proof of non-confidentiality is required);

5) The article shall be saved as a Word document named as “author’s name + organization ”. In case of any oral presentation or poster, please write it down;

3. How and when to submit

You are required to send your article by email to

Notification of acceptance of your article will be sent on March 31, 2024.

Please submit your article in full text before April 15, 2024 .

4. Publication

1) The paper will be included in the conference proceedings after it has passed the expert review.

5. Contacts

Contact for submission: Kamel Bouaouina

Tel.: +213 670 39 77 07